CardioPulse does surgery, too.

The CardioPulse surgery suite provides a comprehensive tool to collect and analyze data from scheduling through discharge, thus providing a snapshot of data across the continuum of care for the surgery patient.

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The CardioPulse surgery suite:

With the use of optional tablet and speech recognition integration, CardioPulse enables a clinician to quickly gather H&P data that can be translated into a leveled consult.

Operative reports, discharge summaries and progress notes are collected in CardioPulse and sent to the hospital EHR via a standard HL7 interface. Information is the greatest asset for improving patient care and the CardioPulse surgery suite provides a powerful tool for outcomes and analytical reporting. In addition the CardioPulse surgery suite is fully certified with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) for Adult Cardiac, Congenital Heart, and General Thoracic Surgery.


Cardiothoracic Electronic Health Record (CT-EHR):

Beginning with the initial patient contact and following through the surgical discharge, the CT-EHR documents a patient's progress through the clinical course by employing the use of real-time data collection to automate the creation and distribution for:

  • Level V Consult
  • History & Physical
  • Operative Note
  • Coding
  • Discharge Summary
  • Office note - Follow-up

CT-EHR is STS certified for the Adult Cardiac, General Thoracic and Congenital Heart registries. As patient data is collected for the EHR, the CT- EHR is also populating relevant STS fields so that data can be submitted in a more accurate, efficient and cost effective manner.

Some CT-EHR functionality:

  • Access to data and images from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Automated Results Reports
  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic Faxing
  • Automated Coding

The Cardiothoracic Surgery (EHR) can be used as a stand-alone tool but, its real power is recognized when it is used in conjunction with the CardioPulse CVIS, thus providing the surgical personnel with a complete and real-time snapshot of the cardiovascular clinical history of a patient. This powerful tool manages the entire informatics needs of the cardiothoracic surgical unit.

OR Scheduling:

OR Scheduling utilizes the CardioPulse Electronic White Board. The Electronic White Board is a web based electronic procedure room scheduling system. It was built specifically to mimic and replace a hospital's or practice's procedure lab white board. Having access to the procedure room schedule using a secure internet connection offers the capability to observe the status of the lab(s) in real time from remote sites. If the need arises, the viewer can also access any day's workload from home or office.

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